Pandya Consulting is an Accounting, Tax, Payroll, Software and Business Consulting Services Provider  

Accounting Services

Accounting Services Provider
Pandya Consulting is a leading professional Accounting services provider includes tax accounting and consulting firm....
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Payroll Services
If you'd prefer to focus on growing your small business more willingly than on the tedious tasks of payroll, consider our payroll services.
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Tax Services
Tax minimization is our ultimate concern and we will help you devise strategies to meet that most important objective.
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Consulting Services
Professional services which employ the practitioner's technical skills, education, observations, experiences, and knowledge
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Today's cost-cutting measure demands new resolutions and a new vision. Our intention is to protect your wealth and increase your profits. We start with conventional advice and quality service. We deliver security, profit and peace of mind. Our reach includes offices in USA, CANADA & INDIA.

Office Contact Details


Pandya Consulting LLC




284 South 33rd Street
Allentown PA 18104-5911. USA

MOBILE: 610-217-9091
WORK: 610-990-3316



Pandya Consulting

Address: Sundervan, G-1 /203
Lokhandwala Road, Near Shahstri Nagar
Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400 053. INDIA
MOBILE: 98192 79093

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