Pandya Consulting is an Accounting Services, Tax Services, Payroll Services and Consulting Services Provider  
Accounting Services
Accounting Services Provider
Pandya Consulting is a leading professional Accounting services provider includes tax accounting and consulting firm....
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Payroll Services
If you'd prefer to focus on growing your small business more willingly than on the tedious tasks of payroll, consider our payroll services.
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Tax Services
Tax minimization is our ultimate concern and we will help you devise strategies to meet that most important objective.
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Consulting Services
Professional services which employ the practitioner's technical skills, education, observations, experiences, and knowledge
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Consulting Services

Consulting services: Professional services which employ the practitioner's technical skills, education, observations, experiences,and knowledge of the consulting process. Consulting services include consultations, advisory services, implementation services, product services, transaction services, and staff and support services.

(a) Accounting Software selection & Implementation:  Every accounting department faces the prospect of selecting a new accounting  system with a mixture of anxiety and excitement. The anxiety comes  from the knowledge of software selection can often be a frustrating, time -consuming process — one that loads more work on already  overstretched resources. The excitement comes from the prospect of  moving on from what is often an obsolete accounting application to a  new-generation graphical, process-centric, and Web enabled business  management suite.

Most accounting system managers recognize that selecting the next Accounting system is one of the most important decisions they will Make during their period in a company. As with the selection process, the implementation may also require outside assistance. We should not ignore the importance of implementation because implementation is as important as selection of accounting software. Whether you use Consultants from the software vendor, a business partner, or an independent firm, the implementation plan will likely be the same. A common mistake made by companies going through their first major implementation is to underestimate the complexity of their operations,the extent of system setup and testing, and the impact the implementation will have on their operation.

(b) Business Valuation: There are several methods used to value companies and their stocks. They try to give an estimate of their fair value, by using fundamental economic criteria. This theoretical valuation has to be perfected with market criteria, as the final purpose is to determine potential market prices.
Whether buying or selling a business, an appraisal or "valuation" is the critical first step for getting the best price for your business (if you're selling a business) or the maximum value for your money (if you're buying a business). An appraisal systematically examines any business revealing the fair market value to both buyers and sellers.

(c) Financial Decisions: Financial decision is all about to learn how to understand principles of leverage, cash management, and asset investment. Making good financial decisions is often the difference between a prosperous, growing farm business and one that is constantly wondering how to pay the next bill.

(d) Real Estate Consultancy: In the area of real estate investment that you can relate to, and one that, to you at least, makes perfect sense. It is vital that you understand the process required for successfully managing the property.

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